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Data Center And Cloud

Where does your sensitive information reside?

Keeping delicate data secure from data breaches and vulnerability is each organization's privilege. Regardless of whether it is on premise or on the cloud, Security Foster Data Center and Cloud portfolio assists you with getting where your sensitive information ought to be found and how to intelligently secure it.

Data Protection

Is my sensitive information is secured?

Security Foster Data Protection portfolio gives thorough arrangements that can secure your organization's information all through its lifecycle, across various conditions lessening the danger of information openness and working on functional intricacy.

Risk & Compliance

Is my sensitive information in danger, do they follow regulations?

Making a solid network protection system is troublesome without a powerful GRC program set up. Besides, in specific nations and ventures severe consistence norms should be met, to remain in business. Security Foster GRC portfolio offers you innovation arrangements that guarantee you have the different parts set up to scale, adjust and advance as your business develops and guideline changes.

access control

Who accessed my Data, and how?

Controlling admittance to your significant information - in storage, or in transit - is exceptionally basic to guarantee that main the ideal individuals and frameworks approach it at some random time. Endeavors with an always growing digital estate ought to take on a multifaceted access control methodology with MFA, IAM, PAM, Secure Mobility and different solutions to avoid information breaches or misuse.


How does my sensitive information convey and drive?

Information stored safely is of no worth in the event that you can't make it accessible when required. Understanding your information, who and what is on the internal and external networks getting to your applications and information, is vital to ensure your information is accessed safely and most productively.


Do I have the security controls and administrations set up, to deal with my information?

We give a scope of IT Operations Management and Performance Analysis tools that can screen every one of your applications and resources and help identify, react, moderate and shield from any insider or outside dangers that might focus on your organization protection guards.

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