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Penetration testing is important to make sure your users data is secure, Detect spywares, malwares. After implementing significant changes in code you need to review it from a Hacker Prospective.Security Foster team have vast experience in Testing the network layer (firewalls, web servers, email servers, FTP servers, etc.); the application layer (all major development languages, mobile applications and all major web servers, internet enabled devices.

Our main goal is to provide high quality security services to our clients, and make perfect reports that are easily understood by client end. Security Foster is team of young security professional, they have hundreds of hours of testing experience individually and project base as well.We are customer engaged and focused on the most astounding Return on your Security Investment.All through our procedure, you will be sure that your security is being taken care of by the best.

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Security Assessment

Enterprise IT and cloud environments are changing rapidly with the addition of servers, laptops, wireless...

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Detection And

Continuous security monitoring, detection and response capabilities are now regarded as essential for...

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Incident Readiness
And Response

Our experts work closely with your IT or Security people, keeping abreast of security incidents. At the first...

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Cloud Security

As the shift to cloud computing gathers pace, businesses are increasingly realizing the need to balance the...

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Governance, Risk And
Compliance Services

As the global regulatory environment continues to evolve, forcing changes across your organization, keeping...

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Tailored Security
For Startups

Startups face unique financial and human resource constraints and as a result, cybersecurity may...

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